venerdì 03, 2017

Mirandola – Development of a Walkability Index


A development of an Index of Walkability based on quantitative factors of the urban form.

This project was the foundational works for the derivation of a ‘walkability’ index in Mirandola. While the idea of a walkability index is not new, this approach is. Traditional measures of walkability measure characters of the urban form that reflect walkability, i.e. concentration of shopfronts, average property value, etc. These measures are actually incorrect as the concentration of shopfronts is a reflection of how walkable the neighbourhood or street is.

For this project, Redas employed method of Urban Morphometrics to measure the factors of the urban form which cause walkability; i.e. centrality scores of the streets, buildings frontages, entrance densities, etc. A comprehensive set of indicators, proven independently through research, is recorded and used for objective, quantitative assessment of the veritable walkability of a street.

Study Methodology: Urban Morphometrics processes of defining the urban form implemented and measured automatically. Statistical methods of classification, clustering and correlation utilised to understand the causal factors of the urban form in the context of the resulting walkability index.


  • Client:

    Comune di Mirandola
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